Capable™ Custom Assessments


Capable is a web-based tool used for building and delivering custom assessments. Unlike typical survey tools, Capable assessments provide value to the assessment taker by providing them with immediate, customized feedback and resources based on their responses. Via their personalized dashboard, users can access snapshot and detailed reports for any completed assessment.

No matter how simple or complex your assessment, Capable can deliver it. The tool offers a wide range of question types and supports fully-customizable response options, weighting, scoring, and reporting for each assessment.

Some examples of uses for Capable include:

  1. Pre- and post- tests for learning interventions
  2. Competency assessments
  3. Knowledge self-assessments
  4. Skill assessments
  5. Delivering custom learning paths
  6. Attitude and preference assessments
  7. Organizational maturity and effectiveness
  8. Feedback and experiences

    Who are the Learning Ninjas®?

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